There's an old maxim that says, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Grammatical issues aside, it's a simple principle – if an idea has worked numerous times in the past or is currently working, more likely than not it'll probably succeed in the future as well. Consider the idea of a Florida retirement, for example. Just because many have people have done it before and you won't be choosing an "original" destination doesn't mean it won't be perfect for you! 

"Retiring to Florida has remained popular for plenty of good reasons."

Keeping this conclusion in mind, let's take some time to go over a few of the major perks the Sunshine State provided for its retired residents. 

Economic advantages galore in Florida
When discussing anyone who's moved (or is about to move) to Florida, you most likely heard a friend or acquaintance mention the excellent weather first. But right after that, they probably brought up the fact that Florida is a tax haven one doesn't need to leave the country to access.

Indeed, as Kiplinger reminds us, the state imposes no income tax on its residents and boasts below-average property taxes as well. Sales tax can reach 7.5 percent in some cities, but the average is a less high 6.7 percent. All residents receive an automatic $50,000 homestead exemption – value of the home's total cost that can't be taxed – and those with certain economic limitations may qualify for another exemption that can go as high as $50,000. 

Finally, the Florida Homestead Law offers even further protections, according to Pinnacle Advisory. As a provision in the state's constitution, this act firmly guarantees that aside from situations involving mortgages defaulted upon, no creditor can take a Floridian's home to satisfy any debts, no matter their size. (This ideally won't be anything you ever have to deal with, but it's nice to know that it's available!)

Planning to spend your golden years in FloridaGolf is one of many ways in which Florida retirees can enjoy the state in their golden years.

Activities of all kinds
Retirement doesn't have to be sedate and sedentary – in fact, it shouldn't be, if you plan on it lasting a long time. Fortunately, you're virtually guaranteed to find an activity you'll enjoy in Florida, to help you keep healthy and active.

As Acts Retirement pointed out, golf is one of the biggest draws here – after all, 33 of the state's courses were designed by the legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. Fly fishing is also huge in Florida due to the vast number of small and large bodies of water, and adventurous anglers can go for saltwater fishing to catch the biggest specimens. Beyond that, activities and sports like tennis, pickleball, polo and plenty of other choices are widely available.

Golf, tennis and fly fishing are just a small sampling of the ways you can keep active as a retiree in Florida."

A wide cultural spectrum
While the electronic music-blaring nightclubs of Orlando, Tampa and Miami Beach probably won't be to your liking, there's an overwhelming amount of cultural options in Florida that are considerably more relaxed – and refined – wherever in the state you end up settling. From the Saenger Theater's symphonic performances and operas and the traditional dramas at the Wick Theatre to the surrealist marvels at the Salvador Dali Museum and so much more, you'll never be shy of stimulating artistic activities to enjoy.

For the times when the kids arrive to visit, you're probably well aware that there's plenty to do – Disney World, EPCOT, Universal Studios and about a dozen other theme parks. So you won't ever need to worry about them being bored. Sports fans obviously benefit from there being at least one franchise in every major American sport, as well as plenty of NCAA heavy hitters, but baseball lovers have a particular advantage here: Numerous Major League Baseball teams have one or more minor-league affiliates based in Florida, according to Coastal Living, and tickets are often a steal compared to what you'd pay at a big-league stadium.

Amid all the possibilities detailed above, one thing is for certain: There will never be a dull moment if you choose to make Florida your retirement home. (And once you get settled, don't forget to contact NewSouth Window Solutions with any and all of your window installation needs!)

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