The Importance of Impact Windows for Homeowners in Pompano Beach, FL

It’s no secret that Florida’s east coast is a favorite target of hurricanes, and Pompano Beach is located in one of the most frequently affected regions of the state. If you live in this area, your home is at risk of sustaining significant damage from high-speed winds, powerful wind gusts, and storm-blown debris during many months of the year. That’s why more and more homeowners are investing in impact-resistant windows, and NewSouth Window Solutions is proud to offer some of the most effective impact windows on the market.

Benefits of Protecting Your Home With Impact Windows

The most obvious benefit of replacing your ordinary windows with windows engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds is enhanced protection for your home. The impact windows we manufacture at our Florida factory are built with special features, like metal reinforcements in the sash and frame and laminated glass that’s reinforced with a polyvinyl butyral interlayer. These features ensure that our impact windows will hold firm in the face of strong winds or when struck by airborne debris, thus preventing damaging winds and rain from wreaking havoc inside your home. The peace of mind of knowing that your home is protected is priceless.

However, there are additional benefits that you may not have thought about in relation to choosing impact windows. Here are only a few:

  • Potential discounts on your homeowners’ insurance premiums
  • Increased protection against break-in
  • Improved insulation against outside noise

Benefits of Partnering With NewSouth Window Solutions

When you choose impact windows from our company, we’ll handle the entire replacement process from start to finish, including installation. This allows us to offer factory-direct pricing and exceptional lifetime warranties on both our windows and installation services—a practically unheard-of level of protection for your investment.

Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today for more information, or check out our impact windows in person at our Fort Lauderdale showroom a short drive from Pompano Beach.

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