Hello, and thanks for joining us. Last time, we discussed the importance of having impact resistant windows and doors to protect your home from harmful hurricanes. Let’s look closer at the high costs of water intrusion during a storm.

Without proper protection, wind-borne debris can create large openings of your windows and doors and disastrous water damage will result. The wind blown water from aggressive rainfall will ruin walls, furnishings and flooring. In the days thereafter mold and mildew can take hold, adding to the dangers and cost of the storm.

Hurricane rated windows and doors with a laminated glass inter-layer will prevent flying objects from creating a breach into the house. High performance windows and doors also are designed to shed water, with fusion-welded corners to prevent moisture from entering and damaging your house.

Now is the perfect time to update your windows and doors. Thanks for watching, and stay safe during storm season!

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