Reasons to Use Tempered Glass Windows

When it comes to choosing replacement windows for your home, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind and decisions to make. What window styles will suit your home best? What type of windows will perform best in your home? And so on. One important detail to think about is the type of glass that goes into your replacement windows. At NewSouth Window Solutions, we recommend choosing tempered glass for your replacement windows. Here’s why.

Enhanced Durability

Tempered glass is specifically designed to be stronger than standard glass, making it a more durable choice for your replacement windows. This doesn’t mean that the glass is unbreakable; however, it will hold up better than non-tempered glass would.

Better Safety

In the event that tempered glass does shatter, it is also much safer than standard glass. Tempered glass crumbles into small pieces, helping to prevent the hazard of injury from shards of sharp glass.

Building Regulations

In some cases, tempered glass may be required by building codes. This is typically the case for windows that are close to walkways, close to the ground, or larger than average. An experienced and reliable window company will be able to determine which of your windows will require tempered glass.

Trust the Window Experts

At NewSouth Window Solutions, we can help you determine where tempered glass may be required and where it’s simply an option for your home. To learn more about tempered glass replacement windows, contact us today.

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