What’s the Difference Between Screen Doors & Storm Doors?

Screen doors and storm doors are both designed for installation over an exterior door, typically the front door of a home. However, these doors provide different benefits. As the name implies, a screen door consists of a mesh material that’s attached to a door frame. Its primary purpose is to allow fresh air to waft into indoor areas for ventilation while blocking the entry of insects and other unwanted pests. Storm doors, on the other hand, usually consist of glass units held in the door frame, and they’re primarily added by homeowners who want to open their front doors to welcome natural light without risking damage from wind and rain.

Homeowners in the South, where the weather tends to be hot and muggy for much of the year, often don’t see much value in the installation of a screen door. There are likely to be far more days when opening a front door would allow warm outside temperatures to send the home’s HVAC system into overdrive than there are opportunities for welcoming a cool breeze. Storm doors, on the other hand, could be a more attractive option. Some homeowners might think a storm door will help protect their home from windstorm damage, especially during hurricane season. But in reality, its storm protection capabilities are minimal.

Storm Doors vs. Impact Doors

Although storm doors might provide some protection against high-speed winds and flying debris, they’re not typically designed to meet the standards for hurricane protection. At NewSouth Window Solutions, we offer gorgeous fiberglass front doors with impact-resistant glass that will provide superior protection against storm damage for your home. Moreover, our impact doors are loaded with features that make them exceptionally durable in humid climates. They’re also designed to boost energy efficiency, thus helping to lower cooling and heating costs. And perhaps best of all, homeowners who have our impact doors installed won’t need a storm door that will distract from the beautiful front door they’ve carefully selected to bring out the best in their home’s façade.

If you’d like to explore your options for adding an impact-resistant front door to your home, the experts at NewSouth Window Solutions will be happy to tell you about the many benefits of our entry doors. We have showrooms in several states, including Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Contact us today for more information.

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