The Importance of Choosing Replacement Windows That Meet Texas Windstorm Standards

Texas Windstorm Windows Having the Gulf of Mexico as a backyard playground is a dream-come-true for many coastal Texas residents. However, coastal homes are increasingly at risk for severe damage from hurricanes and other violent windstorms that blow in from the Gulf. In recent years, hurricanes have caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage—a fact that has not escaped the notice of insurance companies and government officials. As a result, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has developed stricter building code requirements for coastal homeowners who want to qualify for coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. The TWIA is a state-established organization that provides windstorm and hail insurance to property owners in 14 Texas coastal counties and a portion of Harris County.

Impact-Resistant Windows to the Rescue

Much of the residential devastation caused by hurricanes results from windows that break in the face of intense wind pressure or wind-driven debris. For that reason, the TDI requires that coastal homeowners install TDI-approved impact-resistant windows and exterior doors or storm shutters.

Texas windstorm windows, also known as hurricane windows, typically feature reinforced frames and laminated glass that are specially engineered to resist breakage, even when struck by tree branches, lawn furniture, or other flying debris during a powerful windstorm. If you’re a coastal Texas homeowner, you’ll want to seriously consider investing in TDI-approved impact windows because they offer several advantages over storm shutters. For example, they:

  • Look like non-impact windows and provide year-round storm protection with no need to deploy them on short notice
  • Deter break-ins because would-be intruders have as much trouble breaking the window glass as storms do
  • Block outside noise far better than ordinary windows

NewSouth Window Solutions is a window company that has been making top-caliber hurricane windows for many years, and we can install beautiful, TDI-approved replacement windows on your coastal home. We also offer impact-resistant patio doors and entry doors. Contact us today for more information.

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