Texas Windstorm Window Requirements: Protecting Your Coastal Home

Coastal Texas residents are fortunate to have the Gulf of Mexico as their backyard, but with this beautiful backdrop comes the ever-present risk of hurricanes and violent windstorms. In recent years, these natural disasters have caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes and properties along the Texas coast. Recognizing the need to protect coastal homeowners, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has implemented strict building code requirements for those who wish to qualify for coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). The TWIA, a state-established organization, provides windstorm and hail insurance to property owners in 14 Texas coastal counties and a portion of Harris County. One of the most critical elements in these requirements is the use of impact-resistant windows, commonly known as hurricane or storm windows.

Understanding Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows are specially designed to withstand the destructive forces of hurricanes and high winds. They play a crucial role in reducing the risk of damage to homes and injuries to residents. These windows are different from traditional windows in that they feature reinforced frames and laminated glass. The combination of these features helps the windows resist breakage, even when struck by flying debris or exposed to extreme wind pressure.

The Benefits of Impact-Resistant Windows

Choosing impact-resistant windows over traditional storm shutters offers several advantages, making them a popular choice for coastal Texas homeowners:

  • Year-Round Protection: Impact-resistant windows provide consistent protection against storms and high winds. There’s no need to rush to deploy temporary storm shutters when a hurricane approaches.
  • Enhanced Security: These windows act as a deterrent for potential intruders, as they are challenging to break, providing homeowners with peace of mind.
  • Noise Reduction: Impact-resistant windows not only block out hurricane-force winds but also help minimize outside noise, allowing for a quieter living environment.

Impact-Resistant Products by NewSouth Window Solutions

NewSouth Window Solutions, a reputable window company, offers top-quality hurricane windows that meet the stringent requirements of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Their impact-resistant windows are a dependable choice for coastal homeowners. In addition to windows, NewSouth Window Solutions provides impact-resistant patio doors and entry doors that add an extra layer of protection.

How to Windproof Your Windows

While impact-resistant windows are essential for protecting your home against hurricane damage, there are additional steps you can take to further windproof your windows:

  • Secure Window Openings: Ensure that all windows are securely closed and locked during storms to prevent wind and rain from entering your home.
  • Install Storm Shutters: In addition to impact-resistant windows, storm shutters can offer an extra layer of protection, especially for windows with larger surface areas.
  • Reinforce Garage Doors: Strengthen your garage door to prevent it from collapsing under hurricane-force winds.
  • Maintain Landscaping: Regularly trim trees and shrubs near your home to reduce the risk of flying debris during a storm.

In coastal Texas, where the Gulf of Mexico’s beauty is accompanied by the threat of hurricanes and high winds, it’s crucial to take every possible precaution to protect your home and loved ones. Impact-resistant windows are a valuable investment, offering year-round protection, enhanced security, and noise reduction. By complying with Texas Windstorm window requirements and choosing trusted providers like NewSouth Window Solutions, you can safeguard your coastal home from the destructive forces of nature.

Don’t leave the safety of your coastal home to chance. Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to learn more about their TDI-approved impact-resistant windows, patio doors, and entry doors. Make the right choice for your home’s protection and peace of mind.

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