For people who pass your home by, or visit it for the first time, your windows convey a great deal to people who consider them a significant aspect of your taste in design. Though that might, on its face, seem like something of a shallow concern, first impressions matter quite a bit to people, often coloring their perceptions in a way that later contradictory evidence may not fully alleviate. But even more so, those who plan to sell their homes in the relatively near future absolutely must consider curb appeal in any aesthetic and design decisions they make.

"Window design is of great importance to the overall aesthetic appeal of any home."

If you find yourself at something of a decision-making impasse as far as this topic is concerned, have no fear. We understand how complex it can actually be to choose a course of action, and with this in mind, we've taken the time to compile a few helpful tips regarding window design.

Always match window style to home style
This tip is arguably the most self-evident design pointer, but that doesn't mean it's any less important. Freshome pointed out that a house's overall architectural design scheme must match the windows and doors in at least some fashion. For example, Tudor, Victorian and older styles should use comparatively classic windows and frames like mullions, and modernist homes should have sleek, complementary windows. If unsure about what to select for your home window replacement, consult an expert before moving forward.

Be consistent with frames
If the siding of your home is a dimmer color – a raw wood hue, for example – it may be prudent to use colored frames and mullions. These add small pops of brightness but don't stick out like sore thumbs to passersby and potential homebuyers who prefer something more subtle. If you have an accent color, be sure that this is the shade you use for window additions.

Consider the path of light
Not all of the concerns involved in window selection are purely aesthetic. As noted by the Redfin home improvement blog, they should be placed in such a manner that creates a conduit for light to flow deep into the household. This creates a more appealing appearance indoors, but also serves the practical purpose of limiting your house's electric light usage during the day. 

Unite interior and exterior as one
Part of finding a successful design technique involves not being limited by traditional ideas. According to Redfin, glass patio doors or walls of windows can be effective for creating a real feeling of connection between your home's interior and its immediate outside surroundings, blending the two for a more comfortable environment that you'll be excited to live in. 

If you find yourself in need of advice and replacement services regarding your exterior windows, consider NewSouth Window Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our products or get a quote. 

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