The Importance of Independently Tested Impact Windows for Homes in The Woodlands, TX

Impact-resistant replacement windows are in high demand in the wake of well-publicized storms that have ravaged the Texas Gulf Coast and surrounding communities. If you’re planning to replace the windows of your home in The Woodlands with impact windows, you’re making a smart move. But you’ll want to be sure that the windows you choose will actually protect your home when it’s in the path of a furious storm.

At NewSouth Window Solutions, we want that for our customers, too. That’s why we invested years in researching and designing the ideal hurricane impact windows to resist breakage in even the fiercest storms. But even then, we weren’t satisfied. So, we had our impact windows tested by a licensed, third-party engineering team to make sure they meet or exceed all the standards to be rated as effective hurricane windows.

What Makes Our Impact Windows So Great?

NewSouth impact windows are crafted with sturdy uPVC vinyl frames and sashes that are reinforced with metal for extra strength. They also feature laminated glass that will stand up to high-speed wind pressure and potential impacts from windblown patio furniture and tree debris that’s characteristic of a hurricane. In extreme conditions, impact windows might break, but they won’t breach and allow wind and water to enter your home where they can wreak tremendous damage.

Other benefits of our impact windows include:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Deterrence of break-ins
  • Optimal insulation against outside noise
  • Potential discounts on your homeowners insurance

To learn more about the impact windows we install for homeowners throughout The Woodlands area, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today. You can also visit our nearby showroom in Houston to see examples of our hurricane windows on display.

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