Types of Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

Not everyone is lucky enough to have kitchens that feature windows: Nearly all of us who lived in a major city at some point or another remember dealing with tiny, compressed apartments with kitchens consisting of a stove/oven combo and a refrigerator shoved into a corner that didn’t even have a proper countertop, let alone a window. So once we live in houses with kitchen windows, we shouldn’t take them for granted. 

All that being said, this doesn’t mean you need to stick with traditional window styles. Why not accent them with some treatments that bring a more welcoming or quirky aesthetic to the space? Here, we’ll take a closer look at a number of potential treatment ideas perfectly suited to the kitchen, one of the most vital hubs of your household’s daily activities. 

Bold Kitchen Window Treatment Patterns and Colors

Consider the color scheme of your kitchen – everything from the appliances to the cupboards and countertops. Are there a number of different hues that match one another, or is it only two or three, or even monochromatic? And are those colors simple and essentially neutral, like white, eggshell or light beige, or something that draws the eye? 

If this is the case, HGTV recommended adding treatments that feature patterns designed to immediately command the attention. For residential windows in the kitchen, shades or valances are ideal, giving the whole space a jolt of color and character without distracting from the view the way curtains might.

Treatment considerations for your kitchen windows

Consider the Kitchen Windowsill Size

How much space is available on your windowsill? If you or someone else in your household has an interest in gardening, whether for flowers or produce, Better Homes and Gardens pointed out that increasing the size of the windowsill offers you an ideal space upon which to place small potted plants. The extra room will also allow you to add any other decorations you might be into, if plants aren’t really your thing.

Consider a Kitchen with Windows as a Backsplash

Many home renovation publications spill plenty of ink on what homeowners should do with their backsplash area. According to Better Homes and Gardens, this space is an excellent spot to install horizontal windows formatted like tile squares, instead of having actual tile as the sink backsplash. This way, you bring in sunlight and breezes as necessary to save some energy – and opting for energy efficient windows in this space engenders even greater savings.

Utilize Kitchen Window Blinds and Shades

Sometimes, though, too much light in the kitchen is a bad thing. As such, installing shades that filter light through privacy linings but can be easily adjusted can be perfect. According to HGTV, you should use loose fabrics like linen in this situation. For more advice on home window replacement and additions for the kitchen, be sure to get in touch with NewSouth Window Solutions today.

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