What Are Energy-Efficient Windows?

If you’re looking for new windows for your home, you’ve likely heard many companies talking about their energy-efficient windows. But what exactly are they and how can they benefit you? Here’s what you need to know about energy-efficient windows.

Understanding Energy Efficiency

First, it helps to understand what energy efficiency is. This is the use of less energy to produce a result. For instance, an energy-efficient washer and dryer may draw less energy to clean your laundry than a previous model did. The more energy-efficient something is, the less energy it requires.

But how does this relate to windows that don’t use energy on their own? Energy-efficient windows are designed to better insulate your entire home so that your house uses less energy for its heating and cooling needs. Therefore, energy-efficient windows are designed to prevent heat transfer into and out of your home. In the winter, they keep the cold air out so that it takes less energy to heat your home. In the summer, they keep the heat outside, so your home takes less energy to stay cool inside.

The benefits of energy-efficient windows are therefore less energy to heat and cool your home throughout the year, which can result in savings in your monthly energy bills as well.

What Makes Windows Energy Efficient?

Now that we understand the purpose of energy-efficient windows and why they’re beneficial, you may be wondering what exactly makes windows more or less energy efficient. This comes down to how the window is designed and constructed. Most energy-efficient windows will contain features like:

  • Foam-filled frames – This insulates the frame portion of the window to prevent heat transfer.
  • Low-E glass coatings – This transparent coating on your window glass helps block infrared and ultraviolet light from passing through the window. Infrared light is a form of heat that you don’t want passing into or out of your home.
  • Multi-pane glass – Having multiple layers of glass is also an effective form of insulation. Most multi-pane glass also features an inert glass between the panes that’s denser than air for even more insulating benefits.
  • Weatherstripping – The seals that go around your windows also need to help prevent heat transfer. Heavy-duty weatherstripping helps seal out air leaks to prevent draftiness and energy loss.

Windows that contain most or all of these features will be more energy efficient, making them more beneficial for your home. However, it can be hard to compare how energy-efficient two different sets of windows may be. That’s where the NFRC label comes into play. This label provides several different ratings that indicate how energy efficient a window product is so that you can better understand how the window may perform on your home.

Choose NewSouth Window Solutions for Your Energy-Efficient Windows

Just as important as the energy-efficient qualities of the window itself, the technique and workmanship that goes into the window installation will determine how well the window can perform. If you’re looking for energy-efficient windows and professional installation services for your home, turn to NewSouth Window Solutions. Contact us today to get started.

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