What Are Hurricane Windows Made Of?

Not all hurricane windows are created equal, but generally it takes extra-strong frames and glass to make a window that can resist breaking in the face of violent wind gusts and flying debris. Why put all that effort into windows? Hurricane windows were invented to help prevent the devastation that often occurs when windows are broken during a storm, thus allowing heavy rain and high-pressure winds to wreak havoc inside the penetrated home. Moreover, an ordinary window may put more than your property at risk because it’s likely to break into a multitude of pieces. When that happens, the wind-propelled shards of glass can turn into missiles capable of inflicting bodily harm to people and pets who are in the danger zone.

Hurricane Window Construction 101

The materials that go into the construction of hurricane windows play a big role in how effective the windows will be in the face of a storm. At NewSouth Window Solutions, we make our hurricane windows using metal-reinforced frames and sashes that are specially crafted from extra-thick uPVC vinyl. These ultra-strong frames and sashes are needed to keep the window glass in place and protect the integrity of the seal.

The laminated glass in NewSouth hurricane windows starts with two pieces of double-strength glass baked together with a transparent polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. Then we add another sheet of low-emissivity glass. The third sheet is intended to boost energy efficiency, but it also increases the overall strength of the window.

Then there’s the final component in creating effective hurricane windows that will actually do their job when put to the test, and that’s installation expertise. No matter how well built a hurricane window is, it will perform as designed only if it’s properly installed according to directives that are specific to the product.

When you purchase NewSouth hurricane windows, you’ll receive windows that have undergone extensive testing by third-party engineers to ensure they meet the tough Florida standards to be considered impact-resistant windows, and we’ve had our installation practices independently tested, too.

If you’re thinking of investing in hurricane windows for your home, make sure you contact NewSouth Window Solutions before you make a purchase. We’ll be glad to tell you more about our industry-leading hurricane windows and installation practices.

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