What Is the Best Time to Replace Home Windows?

Expert opinions vary widely as to the best time to replace windows, but for homeowners in the southern United States, there’s no single best season of the year to schedule a window replacement project. This region rarely experiences the bitterly cold temperatures that visit northern parts of the country each winter. Homeowners who live in the Snowbelt may have been told that they shouldn’t replace their windows in winter because their home’s interior could be exposed to frigid temperatures for days, thus driving up their heating costs. Additionally, some window materials that are installed in freezing weather will expand when the temperatures warm back up, and that can lead to problems. But neither of those considerations should delay a window replacement for too long if you’re working with a skilled and experienced installer. A top-notch window installation company will adapt its practices to deliver excellence in any season.

That said, in the nation’s southeastern regions, especially those with a tropical or subtropical climate, the weather can be a factor in scheduling a window replacement project. For example, your window installation may be delayed during periods of heavy rain because the sealants used in the process often require several hours to set before they can be exposed to water. Again, a window company that performs installations on a regular basis will advise you of weather-related concerns and keep you informed at every step of your project.

Get Beautiful Windows Expertly Installed

When you partner with NewSouth Window Solutions for your window replacement project, you’ll receive beautiful, high-tech windows that are expertly installed, no matter the time of year. Our factory-direct process allows us to ensure quality at every step of the process, from the initial consultation and selection stage straight through to the time your windows are installed by our factory-trained crew. Then, to give you the ultimate peace of mind about your investment, we’ll provide you with a lifetime warranty that covers both your new windows and their installation.

We’ll be delighted to tell you more about our windows, installation expertise, and showroom locations. Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to get started.

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