While the weather cools down during Florida winters, it never gets as snowy or cold as it does farther north. Therefore, it's easier for you to stay outdoors longer and get your house cleaned up and ready for all your loved ones visiting for the holiday season. Maybe you want to hang lights or wreaths outside, but are hesitant due to the unsightly grime or dirt amassed on your home's exterior over the past year.

Unfortunately, many people turn to pressure washing their home to shave off some time to get the job done quickly. While you should feel free to pressure wash your deck, vinyl fences, asphalt, concrete driveway and even your wooden fences, you should never pressure wash your home. If you aren't quite sure why you should not, consider the following five reasons:

"Even low pressure settings can damage your home."

1. Water can seep into your walls
Even washing your house on low pressure settings can damage its exterior. Most commercial pressure washers operate at around 1500 to 3300 psi. This is strong enough to go straight through wood, asphalt, concrete and other solid substances. Therefore, if your house has wooden or even vinyl siding, you could accidently shoot water under this siding through cracks or gaps on your home's exterior. Once underneath your siding, this water is nearly impossible to evaporate. As a result, your home's insulation could become moldy or your siding could grow loose due to the high-moisture content. 

2. Strip paint from your house
While pressure washers are excellent for removing built up dirt and grime, they also are powerful enough to strip the paint right off of your home. You likely don't want to have to repaint your home right before the holidays, which is why it is wise to avoid turning up the pressure washer to full blast, or even using it at all on your home. Additionally, if your home is older with lead-based paint, there could be potential health concerns with removing this paint. 

3. Knock off your siding
Water seeping under your siding is not the only culprit for potential damage. It's extremely likely that high-pressure blasts of water could instantly knock loose siding right off your home. Additionally, if your home is made of brick, this does not mean that you are safe to pressure wash its exterior either. Older brick-and-mortar is soft and extremely susceptible to damage from pressure washing.

"You might end up with a few shattered or cracked windows."

4. Your windows might shatter
Do your windows look a little dirty? Maybe you think that quickly pressure washing your home's windows will make them shine all through the winter season. If your windows are old or single-paned, you might end up with a few shattered or cracked windows on your hand. The only way you can fix this problem is to invest in new replacement windows that offer more durability than your original models. 

5. The seal for your windows could break
While the high-pressure water can shatter the window itself, the stream of water can also damage or loosen your windows' seals. Not only can this lead to more air coming in and escaping your home, it can cause water to seep into your home, as well. This can lead to moisture buildup and mold problems. Again, if this happens, you might want to consider investing in impact-resistant replacement windows. 

At NewSouth Window Solutions, we offer affordable windows factory-direct because we believe it should be simple to improve the comfort, appearance and efficiency of your home this winter season. Contact us today to learn more about how committed our staff is to customer service excellence and satisfaction.

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