Will an Eze-Breeze Enclosure Retain Heat?

Like many sunrooms, an Eze-Breeze patio enclosure consists of a heavy-duty aluminum frame and transparent panels that allow an abundance of natural light to fill the enclosed living space. However, unlike the windows or walls of a traditional sunroom, the transparent panels of an Eze-Breeze enclosure are not made of glass—they’re created with vinyl glazing that weighs and costs significantly less than glass. And, although Eze-Breeze enclosures provide many of the advantages of a conventional sunroom at a lower cost, they are more comparable to a three-season sunroom than one that’s engineered for year-round climate control.

With that said, when the sliding vinyl panels of an Eze-Breeze patio or garage enclosure are completely closed, they block wind and rain and also provide some protection from outdoor temperatures. This means that if the enclosed space has been warmed during the day and temperatures drop, the area protected by Eze-Breeze may retain enough heat to remain comfortable for a few hours. On the other hand, if the enclosed space becomes too warm, a homeowner with an Eze-Breeze enclosure need only slide open the vinyl panels to welcome in fresh air and cool breezes from the outdoors.

Additional Benefits of an Eze-Breeze Porch Enclosure

The clear vinyl panels from Eze-Breeze have been transforming porches, patios, and garages into enjoyable living spaces for more than 35 years. An Eze-Breeze enclosure is a cost-effective alternative to a glass sunroom, and offers a number of benefits in addition to affordability. For example, Eze-Breeze panels:

  • Can absorb some impacts from windblown debris and spring back to their original shape within minutes
  • Are easy to operate and clean
  • Come with a lifetime warranty on the frames and a 10-year warranty on the rest of the system

NewSouth Window Solutions is proud to offer Eze-Breeze patio and garage enclosures, each of which is customized for size and to meet the individual homeowner’s specifications.

Interested? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about this remarkable product. Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today for more information.

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