Will Recycled Vinyl Windows Exceed Miami-Dade Standards?

Will Recycled Vinyl Windows Exceed Miami-Dade Standards?When purchasing new windows for your home in Florida, you are likely going to want to find an option that will keep stand strong in the face of bad weather. It is no surprise that the area is frequently tormented by severe weather so having a high-quality window installed is an absolute necessity. However, some homeowners may want to save some money while shopping around for the right windows for their home.

This search for a deal will ultimately lead most homeowners to recycled vinyl windows. While it may seem like a good deal to select a recycled vinyl instead of a premium-quality uPVC vinyl window, it just isn’t worth it. These recycled vinyl windows unfortunately do not exceed the Miami-Dade standards so your new windows will not be as strong as they need to be to truly allow you to feel confident during the next big storm.

Made in the South, for the South

Thankfully, homeowners in the state of Florida can turn to the experts at NewSouth Window Solutions to have our highly durable iVantage line of hurricane windows installed on their homes. These windows not only exceed the Miami-Dade standards but they are able to resist wind speeds of up to 200 mph! If you want to truly feel secure that your windows will remain intact during the next big storm, our windows are your best bet. We feel so strongly about the products we offer that we even back them up with an impressive lifetime warranty.

For more information about how the vinyl windows offered by NewSouth Window Solutions will better protect your home during even the most inclement weather, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today. When you do, make sure to ask about the financing options available to qualifying homeowners.

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