The glass in your windows is the most important feature. This means you need to think about it in detail before you pay for your next installation. What kind of window glass are you really getting, and will it be good for the home as a whole?

As you start searching for those perfect windows, use these concerns to pick and choose the very best for your home. Below are some of the most important factors that will guide your window purchase.

Rate of heat passing through windows
Emissivity, or the rate at which the windows let energy seep out, is something to think about. How environmentally conscious do you plan to be? If you want to both keep heat leak and your energy bills low, specialty efficient windows can possibly help.

The Department of Energy states that low-emissivity windows can possibly cut energy loss for the home in half, but there's also the general U-factor of the glass to remember. This is the term for the measurement of heat flow through your window, and you'll want this number to be as low as possible to indicate strong retention.

Glazings and coatings
You should learn the differences between a window glaze and the kinds of coatings mentioned above. The general process of glazing can involve any number of substances, from insulation for multiple individual panes of glass to tinting.

Windows with built-in glazing could have benefits, such as reducing noise or keeping out moisture, according to If the benefits of double glazing are attractive to you, think about all of the different ways you can install them in your home, and how best to accommodate all of the panes.

Whether you choose single, double or triple glaze, you should always look at the different descriptions and imagine the way all of the effects of each layer will build up.

"Certain gasses, like argon, can fill up the space between window panes."

Looking between the panes
If you're indeed using windows with more than one pane, you may want to also read up on gas fills. Certain gasses, like argon, can fill up this space and make the window better insulated in a way you'll barely notice from the outside. This might not directly impact the glass itself, but it does rely on the strength of both panes to keep the gas in place. 

Lastly, there's the ability of your home windows to stand up to impact. This could be specifically through impact windows, or shatterproof ones, but the ultimate result should ideally be a feeling of comfort in your own home in case of catastrophe.

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