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Hurricane Windows for Sale in Clearwater, FL

hurricane windows ClearwaterIn the event of a hurricane, the windows on your Clearwater home better be up to snuff. Even moderately severe weather that doesn’t rise to the level of a hurricane can cause extensive damage to your home and threaten those inside. At NewSouth, we are intimately familiar with the pleasures – and dangers – of living in the Sunshine State. The “official” Florida hurricane season lasts from June 1st to November 30th, but hurricanes can and do strike at other times of the year as well. For this reason, homes in Clearwater require the protection that our hurricane windows offer. iVantage windows from NewSouth are the strongest of their kind in America. They offer top-of-the-line protection against hurricanes and are priced quite affordably.

NewSouth is a Central Florida window company that appreciates the unique needs and expectations of homeowners in this area of the state. Whether you live in Clearwater or nearby, hurricane windows from NewSouth will protect your home for when nasty weather strikes.

Our iVantage windows have features such as:

  • 200 m.p.h. wind resistance
  • Oversized viewing panes
  • Water evacuation system
  • Vinyl & aluminum hybrid design
  • Bomb-blast certification

The iVantage hurricane windows that we sell are also exceptionally energy efficient. Because they have the blue ENERGY STAR logo, you know that are purchasing windows that will help you cut back on energy consumption and save money.

Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to learn more. Our windows are built in the South for the South because this climate simply demands more.

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  1. We have talked up our new windows. We did have a gentleman ask a lot about them them but we can't remember his name......he was going by in a golf cart. - Mar 13, 2015 in Leesburg, FL
  2. We were equally satisfied in all of the areas that we had communications with the company.....we couldn't be happier. - Mar 13, 2015 in Leesburg, FL

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