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NewSouth Window Opens a Walmart Location in New Tampa

NewSouth expands retail locations to include the super Walmart store on Bruce B. Downs Blvd in Tampa, Florida.  Walmart shoppers are now able to experience  the energy savings that new efficient vinyl windows will bring to their home, and wallets.  Shoppers will also be able to test the windows, open and close the sashes and feel the protection that NewSouth’s glass offers, all in their favorite Walmart store.

NewSouth manufactures high performance, energy efficient windows right in their Tampa based factory.  NewSouth’s wholesale division, Doers Window Manufacturing has partnered with My Home Renovator (a division of HPN) to manufacture our

Sashlite window for other window dealers at other Walmart locations. For now, 7 will open in Florida and a national 50 state pilot program is in the works for next year. So NewSouth Windows manufactured right here in our hometown Tampa will be enjoyed by homeowners and Walmart shoppers in Ohio, Louisiana, Texas as well as Florida.

Come by you neighborhood, Bruce B Downs Walmart, look for  My Home Renovator sign, and say hello.

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