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NewSouth News will keep you informed with posts on energy conservation and news from the window replacement industry.

Understanding Design Pressure As It Relates to Your Windows

Posted on by Rich McCoy


By Rich McCoy      

As you look to replace your old windows in the Tampa Bay Florida area. You have to look at an important but often overlooked item and that is design pressure.

The American Architectectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) defines Define Pressure (DP) as “A rating that identifies the load induced by wind and any other dynamic pressures”. The higher a DP rating the more resistant it is to the effects of wind and other pressures.

Design Pressure was instituted in the 1940”s by a group of window manufacturers and engineers concerned about hurricanes and other types of severe weather systems. The intent was to measure how a variety of building products performed in these types of conditions. The design pressure tests were designed to measure wind loads and how resistant windows would be to different types (severity) of storms.

National building codes now require testing and certification of windows. Windows and sliding glass doors must meet the requirements of industry standards that include air, water and structural testing. Impact tests must also meet cycle tests.

The design pressure is both positive and negative.  Imagine you are driving on the expressway driving 70 miles per hour closely behind a large semi-trailer that is its backdraft and that also the negative. When you go to pass and you break away from the backdraft and feel the on rush of air that is the positive.

So now that we know what it is, why is it important to us?  Well with the incorrect DP the force of the storm could damage the seals on the windows allowing air and water to blow through. Imagine the interior of your home being flooded and full of debris after the hurricane leaves because your window had the wrong DP. That is why a correct Design Pressure is important.


Thanks to Ken Brenden 2010 article in DWM magazine “Back to Some Basics”

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What Are Factory Direct Replacement Windows?

Posted on by Phil Stone
NewSouth Window is factory direct

NewSouth Window factory, factory direct windows for the public.

What Are Factory Direct Replacement Windows?

I looked up “factory direct” on Wikipedia and here is what I found:

“Disintermediation initiated by consumers is often the result of high market transparency, in that buyers are aware of supply prices direct from the manufacturer. Buyers bypass the middlemen (wholesalers and retailers) to buy directly from the manufacturer, and pay less. Buyers can alternatively elect to purchase from wholesalers. Often, a business-to-consumer electronic commerce (B2C) company functions as the bridge between buyer and manufacturer.”

That clears it up, right?

When it comes to the purchase of replacement windows, factory direct means different things to different people.

You see, some Central Florida replacement window companies who install replacement windows buy their windows from a local depot. The depot is the one who gets their windows for resale directly from the factory, but if you get your windows and they came through a dealer who bought them through a depot who bought them from the factory, that’s not even close to factory direct.

Then there are some replacement window companies who may have worked with a particular manufacturer for long enough or have purchased enough that they earn the right to buy their windows directly from the factory, rather than ordering them through the depot. They sometimes call themselves factory direct, because they bought the windows they intend to sell you directly from the factory. I’ve even seen some of these guys advertise that they are factory direct. It’s misleading, isn’t it? They buy your windows from the factory and then they sell them to you. Is that factory direct? Of course not! They are a dealer- a middleman.

When it comes to replacement windows or patio doors, here’s what factory direct means to me:

1)      Factory Direct means you buy your windows directly from the factory. Their name and factory address is on your purchase order. Then they custom build and install them for you, and provide whatever service you may need.

2)      Factory Direct means you do not support any middlemen with your purchase. You can get a superior product for a very reasonable price, just like Wikipedia says.

3)      Factory Direct means that if you ever have a problem you can call the folks who you ordered your replacement windows from- the factory. They won’t have to call anyone else to solve issues. It’s what NewSouth Window calls single source accountability. That’s powerful peace of mind.

There’s no middle men and no potential finger pointing if something goes wrong. The dealer says it’s the factory’s fault, and the factory blames the issue on the installers, and while they battle it out, you, the customer, live with the issues- not if it’s truly factory direct!

Phil Stone, also known as “The Window Guy”  is a contributor, trainer,  and a Senior Representative for NewSouth Window. Can see more of his work at

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Mom Wants New Windows for Her Home

Posted on by amy

NewSouth Window appreciates the mom who wants to both beautify their home and make them more energy efficient. The mom that cares about the environment and doing her part.  In honor of this mom who thinks green, and saves it too,  NewSouth is having a Mother’s Day Window Sale.

Saturday May 11 from 9am-4pm, Mom can come into our NewSouth Window factory in Tampa, Florida and save big on her energy efficient, factory direct windows.  Save 40% plus an additional 5% before 12 noon. Mother’s Day SpecialFamily Enjoying A Barbeque– bring the whole family and save money on your window project.

Call 813-626-6000 for more information.

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NewSouth Brings Energy Efficient Windows to Walmart

Posted on by amy

NewSouth Window Expands to a Walmart Location in New Tampa

NewSouth expands our retail locations to include the super Walmart store on Bruce B. Downs Blvd. in Tampa, Florida.  Walmart shoppers are now able to experience  the energy savings that new efficient uPVC vinyl windows will bring to their home, and wallets.  Shoppers will also be able to test the windows, open and close the sashes and feel the protection that NewSouth’s glass offers, all in their neighborhood Walmart.

NewSouth manufactures high performance, energy efficient windows in their Tampa based factory.  NewSouth’s wholesale division, Doers Window Manufacturing, has partnered with My Home Renovator (a division of HPN) to manufacture exclusive

Sashlite windows for additional dealers in Walmart locations state wide and nationally.  For now, 7 locations will open in Florida and a national 50 city pilot program is in the works for next year. Therefore,  NewSouth Windows manufactured right here in our hometown Tampa will be enjoyed by homeowners and Walmart shoppers in Ohio, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas as well as Florida.

Come by your neighborhood, Bruce B Downs Walmart, look for the My Home Renovator sign, and say hello.

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Save More Energy, Get Money Back

Posted on by amy

It’s wonderful to save money on anything that you use.  It’s even better to save money, month after month AND reclaim some of the money you have already spent.  When the sizable window tax credits disappeared after 2010, the void has been offset by our local energy companies stepping up and offering rebates on a menu of energy savings products including replacement windows.  See the links below for rebate information from TECO and Progress Energy.

For us, here in south western and central Florida, the energy companies bear the name of Progress Energy and TECO.  Many folks may not know, but despite the high energy bills we receive, (we call them monthly “Thank You” cards for the high energy prices we pay) our local energy companies want to partner with us to save energy.  Our energy companies are working to keep up with an ever increasing demand for energy, especially during peak usage times, and any energy savings relieves helps tremendously.

This is especially true during the hot summer months in Florida and lowering the cooling demand is the goal of most utilities companies.  If the peak cooling loads are minimized, additional generating capacity is not required.  This benefits everyone, keeping rates down.

Replacing old windows with energy efficient ones is an enormous step to this end, which is why the rebates are put into place. Click below for more information on rebates available for window replacements from your window company.


TECO Window Rebates

Progress Energy Window Rebates









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Energy Costs Are on the Rise for 2012

Posted on by amy

According to head of Duke Energy, homeowners in the south need to brace themselves for increased energy costs in 2012.  James E. Rogers, Duke’s chairman told consumers earlier this year to expect prices of energy to rise by a shocking 30% or more next year.

No one wants to spend more of their hard earned money on categories like electricity in the upcoming months, especially in an economy that dictates wise spending for all of us.   And certainly, we Southern folk are not about to give up our creature comforts like air conditioning and heat.  This is where efficiencies come in.

With new windows installed into your home, being energy efficient means that you lower costs on heating and cooling without sacrificing necessities like staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  New double pane windows, especially when replaced with old aluminum, single pane windows, can save you at least 30% off of your heating and cooling bill.  New windows will keep the heat where it belongs, and for most of the year in the south, that is outside.  Additionally, many energy companies offer rebates for replacement windows installed, as does the United States government.  For more information, call 813-626-6000 and ask about energy savings in 2012.

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Clean Up and Green Up

Posted on by admin

NewSouth Window gives back by helping the city of Tampa to “green up and clean up” an east Tampa city park. NewSouth Window Solution is proud to support the efforts of the Tampa Bay Housing and Community Partnership, to make our community and our neighborhoods a better place.

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NewSouth Window wants a more energy efficient world

Posted on by admin

Waste and the Environment

We hear much talk about doing our part to protect the environment and how we should try to reduce our “carbon footprint”. What does that really mean, and how can we really make a difference?

We can do our part by making small changes to conserve energy and not add to needless carbon emissions that undermine our environment.

According to the US Department of Energy, cooling and heating our home uses more than energy dollars than any other system in our home. The Department of Energy states that in most cases, 45% of our utility bill goes for heating and cooling. New double pane energy efficient windows can make a huge difference. Visit for more information.

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