Chances are you want the greatest protection you can get for your home, and for that, you'll need impact resistant windows that are built to withstand heavy storms. What you may not know, though, is exactly what getting sturdy windows means. Before you assume too much about these pieces, here are some false claims you may want to leave behind when you're ready to purchase windows.

1. The windows will be bulky
Not true! Storm-ready windows can be visually appealing and strong enough to withstand damage at the same time. The iVantage windows bring the added benefit of standalone protection, since they won't require you to add anything once they've been set up. The installation prepares your home for better coverage throughout the year, not just through hurricane season, and can be part of the standard "look" of your exterior before long.

2. There's only one type of impact window
You need your windows to fit where you live, and in Florida that means matching the coastal weather and environment, with material that will stand up to natural corrosion. Getting a custom model that's perfect for your location is a fundamental part of preparing and will ultimately be better for your.

You'll also have better peace of mind knowing that the models you're using are the best possible fit for your home, and you'll have everything you need set up and in place.

"You need your windows to fit where you live."

3. Hurricane windows are too expensive
When you factor in the savings you'll get from these types of windows overall, you'll realize how cost-effective they actually are. In addition to the energy efficiency of well-made windows, there's also the costs of damage that you'll avoid with windows that can withstand the elements. The more specific of a price you get for your windows, the better, and NewSouth Window Solutions allows you to easily find out a potential price through our online request submission form.

4. They're only good for storms
There are other benefits you can get from replacing your windows with hurricane-ready pieces that will persist beyond the storm season. Whatever the weather is outside, you'll know the windows are sturdy and feature reinforced glass.

Plus, by simply taking the initiative to replace your windows at all, you're investing in your home and thinking about the future. Depending on when you make the purchase, you could leave the home in better shape than it was when you found it and make it attractive to potential buyers later on. Finally, you have enhanced security, too, since the windows will already be harder to break through and have an inherent toughness you can rely on.

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