Common Window Replacement Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Are you thinking about investing in new windows? There are several factors you must consider before making the leap. Whether you are replacing your windows all at once or just a few at a time, choosing the best options for your home can be overwhelming. But don’t let the stress of easily avoidable problems get to you.

Here are a few ways to avoid making some of the common mistakes people make when replacing their windows:

Don’t Choose New Windows Based Solely on Price

While the price of any particular brand of replacement windows is certainly an important consideration, it should not be the driving factor. Staying within your budget is one of your goals, but you will need to set aside enough money to buy high-quality windows. You get what you pay for, so you want windows that will last for decades. This means choosing windows with frames and sashes made from high-quality uPVC vinyl, not inferior recycled plastic that can become warped and discolored as the years go by.

Make Sure You Consider the Local Climate

Purchasing windows that will help reduce your home cooling and heating costs is essential, and many people have been told to ask about ENERGY STAR® certification as a shortcut to determining whether their replacement window choice is truly energy efficient. However, it’s important to understand that the energy efficiency standards for windows in one region will vary from those in another because of climate differences. For example, homeowners in the South generally face many more months of warm temperatures than their counterparts up North. This means Southern homeowners need new windows with features like low-emissivity (low-E) coatings that block solar heat and help reduce cooling costs. It’s best to make sure any windows you purchase meet the ENERGY STAR standards for the region where you live.

Moreover, your local climate also plays a big role in determining how well your windows will resist weather-related damage and protect your home from the elements. In the South, you’ll need windows that can endure decades of sun exposure without losing their curb appeal. With the growing frequency of high-speed windstorms barreling across the Southern states and leaving severely damaged homes in their wake, you’ll also want to seriously consider investing in impact-resistant replacement windows. These specially fortified windows were developed to protect coastal homes from hurricane damage, but they’re becoming popular even with inland homeowners who want to protect their most valuable asset from dangerous winds and windblown debris. As a bonus, impact windows are also great deterrents against break-ins!

Explore Your Options for a New Window Style

If you have single- or double-hung windows—the most common window style in America—there’s nothing wrong with replacing them with the same style that’s enhanced with technological advances for better energy efficiency and weather resistance. However, a window replacement project offers the perfect opportunity to indulge your personal tastes, add a touch of pizzazz to your home décor, or get windows that better suit your needs for ventilation or ease of operation and cleaning. For example, you might ask your window company if you could replace an existing window with:

  • A picture window, which will command admiring glances from passersby and provide you with various shapes and sizes to choose from for a complementary appearance
  • A casement window, which opens like a door and provides better energy efficiency and security against break-ins than most other window styles
  • A sliding window, which can be a great choice for the bathroom or kitchen due to its ease of operation

Make Certain You’ll Receive Expert Window Installation Services

Even if you’ve done your homework and selected the perfect replacement windows for your home, you may forget that window replacement is a two-step process that includes installation as well as product selection. To get all the advertised benefits of any replacement windows you buy, you’ll need to make sure they’re expertly installed.

NewSouth Window Solutions is a longstanding manufacturer of high-quality replacement windows that are made to meet the specific needs of Southern homeowners. When you buy windows from us, you’ll also benefit from our factory-direct process. These benefits include providing you with expert assistance in customizing your new windows and ensuring that your selections are installed by highly qualified professionals. We also back both your replacement windows and their installation with an industry-leading lifetime transferable warranty.

Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today for more information.

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