Do Impact Windows Lower Home Insurance?

The primary benefit of replacing your outdated windows with storm-resistant ones is to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having year-round protection from inclement weather, especially high-speed wind events. This is no small perk, as much of the residential damage that occurs during violent storms can be attributed to broken windows.

Impact windows are often called “hurricane windows” because they were invented in Florida to help homeowners protect their property from hurricanes. However, what may surprise you is that storms with far less than hurricane-force winds can inflict significant damage on a home with ordinary windows. According to the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, sustained winds of 50 mph or higher are considered “damaging winds,” and communities all over the country, not just in coastal areas, are at risk for residential property damage from powerful wind gusts that may arise during severe thunderstorms.

For these reasons, homeowners who invest in storm-resistant windows may qualify for discounts on their homeowners insurance premiums. This is because some insurance companies see upgrades like impact windows as loss-prevention measures, which means they can help prevent storm damage and reduce the likelihood of a costly claim.

Additional Benefits of Installing Impact Windows

Impact-resistant windows were designed to remain intact when under assault by wind-driven debris, but there’s another benefit that may interest your homeowners insurance company: Impact windows discourage would-be burglars—a lot. A well-constructed impact window may break under repeated blows from a hammer, but it’s unlikely to breach and allow forced entry. Therefore, burglars and vandals are more likely to choose an easier target, which is another way that storm-resistant windows can help prevent the likelihood of a homeowners insurance claim.

Of course, individual homeowners insurance rates are determined by many factors, including where you live and the discounts your insurance provider offers. If you’ve had impact windows installed or you’re thinking of making the investment, it’s worth asking your insurance company about potential discounts for storm-resistant windows or even shopping around for a company that offers them.

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