Do Patio Enclosures Add Square Footage to a Home?

Wondering if patio enclosures add square footage to your home? Find out what you need to know ahead of planning a patio enclosure project at your home here.

Patio enclosures are a popular home improvement option that’s often touted as adding more space to your home. But does it actually count as added square footage that will increase your home’s value? The answer is a little more complicated and may depend on where you live. Here’s what you need to know square footage is calculated when it comes to patio enclosures.

What Is a Patio Enclosure?

First, it helps to understand exactly what is meant by a patio enclosure. This can refer to a variety of structures, including a screen room, four-season sunroom, or a built-in room addition. If the patio area is enclosed with screens, it generally won’t count as added square footage.

With sunrooms and other types of room additions, it becomes a little more complicated. In general, a sunroom must be heated and cooled by the same HVAC system used throughout the rest of the home for it to be counted as additional square footage. Therefore, even if you use a window unit or separate system to heat and cool the space, it may not count as square footage if you go to sell the home.

Furthermore, the additional space must meet the construction quality of the rest of your home’s interior for it to be considered extra square footage. Most sunrooms and other patio enclosures don’t meet those construction requirements and are therefore excluded from square footage calculations. Only complete room additions that incorporate the existing HVAC system and are further integrated into the house to become an interior space may be considered for additional square footage.

Adding Usable & Functional Space to Your Home

While a patio enclosure may not add square footage to your home from an official perspective, it can still add livable space for you to enjoy the way you see fit while also increasing the value of your home. If you want to enclose your patio so that you can use it as extra living space for entertaining guests, as a playroom for the kids, or for any other purpose, it can be a great way to add usable space without investing in a massive renovation project. Additionally, if you do plan to put your home on the market, a patio enclosure can still add value to your home and be an attractive selling point to a potential homebuyer.

Learn More About the Benefits of Patio Enclosures

At NewSouth Window Solutions, we proudly offer and install Eze-Breeze systems that are ideal for enclosing porches, patios, garages, and cabanas. If you’d like to create a more comfortable and functional space, our patio enclosures are a great option to consider. And, while they won’t add “official” square footage to your home, they are still a great option for increasing your usable space and creating the enjoyable environment you desire.

To learn more about the patio enclosures we offer and install for homeowners throughout the region, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today.


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