According to head of Duke Energy, homeowners in the south need to brace themselves for increased energy costs in 2012.  James E. Rogers, Duke’s chairman told consumers earlier this year to expect prices of energy to rise by a shocking 30% or more next year.

No one wants to spend more of their hard earned money on categories like electricity in the upcoming months, especially in an economy that dictates wise spending for all of us.   And certainly, we Southern folk are not about to give up our creature comforts like air conditioning and heat.  This is where efficiencies come in.

With new windows installed into your home, being energy efficient means that you lower costs on heating and cooling without sacrificing necessities like staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  New double pane windows, especially when replaced with old aluminum, single pane windows, can save you at least 30% off of your heating and cooling bill.  New windows will keep the heat where it belongs, and for most of the year in the south, that is outside.  Additionally, many energy companies offer rebates for replacement windows installed, as does the United States government.  For more information, call 813-626-6000 and ask about energy savings in 2012.

The front of our house has a whole new look due to the change in windows. We love it!
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