How Do I Know if I Have Hurricane Windows?

Did you move into a new home, and now you’re wondering whether all or some of its windows are outfitted with impact-resistant hurricane glass? After all, for aesthetic reasons, hurricane windows are typically designed to look just like non-impact windows. Their defining feature is the special laminated glass that is engineered to withstand a high-speed strike from wind-propelled debris, but its presence is usually not readily apparent. So you may need to do some sleuthing to determine whether your home’s windows meet the standards to be called hurricane windows. Here are a few clues you can use in your detective work:

Were Hurricane Windows Listed as a Selling Feature?

In areas where homes face the threat of damage from powerful windstorms, hurricane windows represent a significant value to the homeowner. Impact-resistant windows stand ready to protect homes at any time of year, making them a superior choice for storm protection when compared with plywood, exterior shutters, and even removable fabric panels. Moreover, hurricane windows also offer protection against forced entry, as would-be intruders will find it nearly impossible to break the glass. For all these reasons, the home seller probably listed its hurricane windows among your home’s desirable features if they were installed before the sale.

Visible Signs You Can Look For

In many cases, the glass in hurricane windows bears a permanent mark in a corner that includes the supplier’s name and the hurricane certification standards it meets. However, because high-quality windows are custom-sized, there may be instances when this mark was cut away during manufacturing. For this reason, you may find a removable label that includes the same information.

Even if there’s no etching or label on the glass, it could still be impact-resistant. One way to eliminate the possibility that you have hurricane windows is to check your reflection in the glass. A window requires two or more sheets of glass to meet hurricane-rating standards, so you should see two or more reflections in the glass. If you see only one reflection, the window probably doesn’t meet the standards for hurricane protection.

It’s important to remember that hurricane windows are rated for various factors, including the wind pressure they can withstand, so not all hurricane windows provide the same level of protection.

At NewSouth Window Solutions, we’re immensely proud of the high-quality hurricane windows we manufacture and install for homeowners throughout the South. If you’re interested in upgrading your windows for hurricane protection, we’ll be happy to discuss all the details that make our windows the industry standouts. Contact us today for more information.

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