When the weather is finally warm, it might be a great time to add some plants to your home for beautification. A little touch of natural green can be a great mood booster and also leave your home looking great. Whether you want to leave a few plants above your kitchen sink or put a planter outside, there's a good opportunity for you to green your home.

Plants need soil, light and water, and windows and their surrounding features can help with the last two of these. If you want to grow plants this way, think about the home windows you're getting and how you're going to place all of your pots.

Try a few of these ideas to get your plants ready to grow.

"Consider how your home faces the sun."

Face the light
Growing a plant requires you to get them just the right amount of energy and nourishment. A Houzz article said that you'll need to position plants in a way to get enough light without becoming overheated and wilting.

This source also noted how the amount of windows in a room might influence where you place the plant. Consider how your home faces the sun and which rooms have the right balance of windows in the room to encourage your plants. You'll also benefit from efficient windows, that let light in without offsetting your energy usage and increasing your bills.

Look for the right spot
You might not want to leave the plants on the inside of your home at all. If that's the case, maybe it's time to turn your attention outside. You can think about windows that open up for the best access the planter from inside for easy watering, as well as a placement that keeps the planters and its contents in a prominent place for passersby to enjoy.

Sliding windows that move to the side or picture windows that open outwards can be the right choice for you. It's important to think functionally as you do this. You might also think of the type of plant you're going to put in the container based on where it is, such as flowers on a living room sill or vegetables outside of the kitchen window. That can determine what kind of planter and soil you use, so choose carefully.

Think ahead
On that same note, be careful when it comes to your space limitations. If you only have a small space, try a few flowers that will fit and look beautiful rather than an overloaded a planter with too many vegetables. And if you absolutely can't fit any plants on the window itself, consider beautifying the area outside for a nice view!

All of this is also a good reason to invest in custom window replacement, too, so you have the proportions and type of window you need. Get in touch with NewSouth Window Solutions today to get started.

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