How to Prepare Your Home for the Hurricane Season

For homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas, the mantra is familiar: Pack your hurricane kit. Stay tuned for hurricane warnings. Keep your mobile devices fully charged and your vehicle well fueled. Be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

But your home can’t evacuate. No matter how powerful the storm whirling its way toward your community, your house will have to stay put, standing guard over any of your belongings that won’t be on the road with you. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your home from hurricane damage long before one of these potentially devastating storms threatens?

Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors Provide the Most Reliable Protection

Of course, the time-honored way to protect a home from hurricane-force winds is to board up the windows with plywood. There are many drawbacks to this strategy, however, including:

  • Problems storing plywood so that it doesn’t rot, warp, or fall victim to termites
  • Potential supply shortages if you wait until the last minute to buy plywood
  • Difficulty securing plywood in place properly, especially if you live alone or have disabilities
  • The risk of delaying evacuation or incurring bodily harm if you’re trying to mount plywood when a storm is bearing down

Another option is exterior hurricane shutters that stay in place year-round, but these can be costly and may not be allowed by your homeowners association.

Fortunately, residents of hurricane-prone areas have had a much better solution in recent years: impact-resistant windows and doors. These upgrades are built to resist damage from high-speed winds and the impact of windblown debris. They stay in place year-round, which means they’ll protect your home even if a violent storm pops up outside of hurricane season. And, best of all, if you turn to NewSouth Window Solutions, you’ll receive hurricane windows and doors that will boost your home’s curb appeal even as they protect it from storm damage.

Would you like to explore your options for high-performance, impact-resistant replacement windows and doors? Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to get started.

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