The Closest Thing to Hurricane-Proof Windows for Your Home in Lakeland, FL

Experts will tell you there’s no such thing as hurricane-proof windows, but you can get impact-resistant windows that come pretty close when you partner with NewSouth Window Solutions. We specialize in replacement windows that are made in Florida for Florida homeowners, so naturally, we offer some of the best hurricane windows on the market! Our windows have been engineered to satisfy the tough Miami-Dade hurricane protection standards, which means they’re easily up to the task of safeguarding your home in the Lakeland area.

Why Our Hurricane Windows Are a Worthwhile Investment

Lakeland is a fair distance from any Florida coastline, yet dozens of hurricanes and other violent windstorms have struck the city over the years. Historically, homeowners have tried to hurricane-proof their windows by boarding them up, but NewSouth impact-resistant windows provide a much better option because, once they’re installed, they’ll protect your home against impact damage year-round.

Some of the other benefits provided by our impact windows include:

  • Protection against break-in attempts, as would-be burglars will find it difficult to breach the laminated hurricane glass
  • Bolstered insulation against outside noise, which means you can sleep through your neighbors’ late-night partying and early-morning lawn mowing
  • Enhanced energy efficiency for your home, which can translate into lower monthly energy bills

What’s more, our factory-direct approach to home window replacement will provide you with perks that other companies offering hurricane-proof windows don’t. When you get your high-quality, impact-resistant replacement windows from NewSouth, we’ll help you select all the features you want to customize your windows and also handle all the details of your window installation. Then, we’ll back your entire purchase—both your new hurricane windows and their installation—with an outstanding lifetime warranty that’s transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home.

Take the Next Step

If you’d like to see our hurricane-resistant windows on display, you’re welcome to take a short drive to our Tampa showroom. Or we can schedule a free consultation at your Lakeland-area home if that’s more convenient. Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today for more information.

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