Locating the Most Energy Saving Windows in Raleigh, NC

You’re tired of your electric bill looking like you’re air conditioning your back yard in addition to your house. Maybe you’re worried about your gas bill looking like you’re heating your next-door neighbor’s house in addition to yours. Either way, you’re concerned about rising utility costs overall. One step you can take to alleviate your worries is to install new energy saving windows on your Raleigh, North Carolina, home.

How Our Energy Saving Windows Are Different

We use vinyl, also known as uPVC – unplasticized polyvinyl chloride – frames for all our factory-direct, energy saving windows. Both materials stand up well to our long-lasting Southern summers and to the occasional surprising snowstorm. The uPVC blocks the transfer of heat or cold from the outside into your home. Our uPVC also contains titanium dioxide, which acts like sunscreen for the vinyl, making it last longer to keep your energy bills lower.

We also fusion weld the corners of our windows so no water can seep through. This is especially crucial during the Southern storm  season, when the sky  can dump astounding amounts of rain onto your Raleigh home.

Our manufacturing process also involves using two panes of laminated glass with argon gas in between them. The panes are Low-E, or low emissivity glass, which lets visible light through, while reflecting the light waves that bring excess heat into your home. Our eVantage 366 glass blocks 95% of the UV rays, which, in addition to bringing in heat, also fade your walls, carpets, and rugs.

Let NewSouth Window Solutions Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

NewSouth Window Solutions has won the prestigious DWM Green Award for our work in energy efficiency and reducing cooling costs in the South. We have helped tens of thousands of homeowners reduce their energy costs. Let us help you, too. Call for a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation or visit our Raleigh showroom to learn more about our energy saving windows.

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