One of the best aspects of investing in high-quality PVC windows is how easy they are to maintain throughout their lifetime. They require a minimal amount of responsibility, as long as they are properly taken care of when they actually do need attention. It is essential, however, that the glazing be looked after especially closely. Doing so will ensure they look beautiful and function properly for years.

So what can you do to maintain all of your PVC windows properly? The first thing you should be aware of is the products you are using to keep the windows spotless. A mild dishwashing liquid will be fine for the frame surface. You will want to avoid any other harsher products, such as a scouring agent or paint thinner, as those can do permanent damage to all of the windows.

It is also important to remember the outside of the windows and not just what you can reach from indoors. Pollen, dirt and other types of debris can be burned into the glass by the heat of the sun's rays, especially in an environment such as Florida. Once a layer has deposited onto the glass it is not easy to remove, so be proactive before it becomes a real problem.

NewSouth's American-made, factory-direct windows and doors will make your home cool and eco-friendly while keeping it in line with the Sunshine State's new energy standards at the same time! We know Floridians best because we're Made in Florida, For Florida Homes, By Florida Workers.

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