Are Impact Windows the Same as Hurricane Windows?

In Florida, the birthplace of hurricane window standards that have been adopted in coastal regions throughout the South, windows must be impact resistant to qualify as upgrades that will protect your home during a hurricane. Therefore, for all practical purposes, a certified hurricane window will also be an impact window. This does not mean that a hurricane window is judged...

How Does the Eze-Breeze Enclosure System Work?

Eze-Breeze is an innovative vinyl-pane window system that combines the appearance of a sunroom with the ventilation options of a screen room. It’s designed for installation on a patio, porch, or garage, where it can provide you with increased living space that’s protected from bugs and inclement weather. The Eze-Breeze porch enclosure system is not only more affordable than a...

Who Is the Best Company for Window Replacement?

If you’re planning to replace the windows of your home, you’ll probably start with some research about window companies, focusing largely on the merits of the replacement windows they provide. This is not a bad approach, but it overlooks an important aspect of window replacement: the installation. No matter how wonderful a particular window brand is or how high it...

What Are the Best Replacement Windows for the Money?

Like pretty much everything else on the planet, windows are subject to deterioration as they age and will eventually need replacement. And even if the windows of your home aren’t yet past their prime, you may be considering replacing them to take advantage of recent advancements in home window construction. Indeed, choosing the right replacement windows can lead to significant...

Will an Eze-Breeze Enclosure Retain Heat?

Like many sunrooms, an Eze-Breeze patio enclosure consists of a heavy-duty aluminum frame and transparent panels that allow an abundance of natural light to fill the enclosed living space. However, unlike the windows or walls of a traditional sunroom, the transparent panels of an Eze-Breeze enclosure are not made of glass—they’re created with vinyl glazing that weighs and costs significantly...

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