What Are the Best Entry & Patio Door Materials for Energy Efficiency?

When you’re planning to replace the exterior doors of your home, you may be tempted to simply ask a contractor to install doors that are similar to the ones you have. But replacing outdated doors with new ones of the same material—typically wood or aluminum—could be a big mistake. Many entry doors and patio doors are now crafted with superior...

Are Hurricane Windows Tax Deductible?

Hurricane windows, also known as impact-resistant windows, may qualify for income tax credits if they meet ENERGY STAR® requirements for certification as energy-efficient home upgrades. In recent years, the IRS has allowed homeowners to take a tax credit of up to 10% of the cost of qualifying energy efficiency improvements, including replacement windows. It’s important to remember that the details...

What Are Eze-Breeze Windows & Panels Made Of?

Eze-Breeze patio enclosures are a terrific and cost-efficient alternative to traditional glass sunrooms. They’re especially well-suited to homes in the southeastern United States, where residents often forgo enjoying the fresh air on their porches because of rain and insects. Although Eze-Breeze windows and panels create the visual impression of a glass room, they’re not made of glass. They’re actually made...

Are Sliding Patio Doors Hurricane Resistant?

For homeowners who live in storm-prone regions of the country, the challenge of protecting their sliding patio doors from powerful winds and airborne debris is a familiar one. After all, patio doors are essentially large windows that slide open and shut to allow people to move easily between indoor and outdoor living spaces. This means your sliding glass doors are...

What’s the Difference Between Screen Doors & Storm Doors?

Screen doors and storm doors are both designed for installation over an exterior door, typically the front door of a home. However, these doors provide different benefits. As the name implies, a screen door consists of a mesh material that’s attached to a door frame. Its primary purpose is to allow fresh air to waft into indoor areas for ventilation...

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