What Are Hurricane-Rated Windows?

Hurricane impact windows are typically manufactured with glass that’s specially treated to make it less likely to shatter and break loose from the window frame during a violent windstorm. Although the glass may still shatter when struck by airborne objects propelled by powerful winds, an impact-resistant window is designed to remain intact so that pieces of glass don’t become dangerous...

How to Replace Windows on a Brick Home

Are you fed up with the aluminum windows that came with your brick home when you bought it? Are they showing signs of corrosion and fading? Although aluminum-frame windows are not necessarily a terrible choice in warm environments where winters are mild, they can’t compare with the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of high-quality vinyl replacement windows. And the chances...

Window & Door Trends for 2020

Selecting the perfect windows for your home can be a difficult process because there is much to consider when picking the replacement windows for your home. For many Southern homeowners, your first priority is going to be to focus on the energy efficiency of your residence. However, selecting windows that are going to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home...

What’s the Difference Between PVC and Vinyl Windows?

When selecting replacement windows for your home it is important to make sure you are selecting the right material to stand up to the weather elements. For many homeowners, this is going to come down to selecting between either PVC or vinyl windows. This is because they are the most durable and affordable option available to Southern homeowners. However, having...

Is Getting New Windows Worth the Investment?

If you’re tired of dealing with windows that are old, outdated, or drafty, you may be considering having new windows installed at your home. However, with many window companies, the cost of having them installed may make the whole ordeal seem like it’s not worth it. Instead turn to the experts at NewSouth Window Solutions to explore all of the...

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