Come and See our Factory

NewSouth Window Solutions invites you to visit our factory and factory showroom, and watch your windows being made! Come find out more about us and about our products.
NewSouth Factory


Why is factory direct better?

One Company, One Call

Since NewSouth Window is the manufacturer and your warranty is with us, we are directly accountable to you. This is what we call single source accountability, and is what sets us apart from dealers and middleman who often side step responsibility to the customer.

You get more and pay less

When you contact us, you deal directly with the factory and save money that would otherwise be marked up by the dealer network. You simply get a superior window at factory direct prices.

What does factory direct mean?

Factory direct means that the company you are dealing with has a factory of their own where their products are manufactured. The products are offered directly to the public with no middleman, suppliers or dealers in the process, thus cutting out a whole layer of price increases to the customer. This is also known as cutting out the middleman.

What is a Middleman?

A middleman is a dealer that buys his product from suppliers or manufacturers. The middleman passes the product through to the public after he has marked up the price. The middleman can take various forms whether it’s a distributor, a wholesaler, a contractor, sales organizations or a clearance warehouse. The bottom line is the middleman comes between you and the factory, adding unnecessary layers of cost to you and less answerability by them.

The front of our house has a whole new look due to the change in windows. We love it!
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