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NewSouth Window Solutions invites you to visit our factory and factory showroom, and watch your windows being made! We’ll be happy to tell you more about our products and our manufacturing process, and you’ll be able to witness first-hand why NewSouth Window Solutions can offer the finest replacement windows on the market.
NewSouth Factory

What Does Factory Direct Mean?

Factory direct means that the company you are dealing with has a factory of its own where its products are manufactured. The products are offered directly to the public with no go-betweens, suppliers, or dealers involved in the process, thus cutting out an entire layer of price increases for the customer. This is also known as cutting out the middleman.

What is a Middleman?

A middleman is a dealer that buys his products from suppliers or manufacturers. The middleman passes the product on to the public after increasing the price. The middleman can take various forms, whether it’s a distributor, wholesaler, contractor, sales organization, or clearance warehouse. The bottom line is the middleman comes between you and the factory, adding unnecessary costs to you and reducing their accountability.

Why is Factory-Direct Better?

One Company, One Call

Since NewSouth Window is the manufacturer and your warranty is with us, we are directly accountable to you. This is what we call single-source accountability and is what sets us apart from dealers and middlemen who often side-step their responsibilities to the customer.

You Receive More & Pay Less

When you contact us, you deal directly with the factory and save money that would otherwise be added by the dealer network. Since we’re the retailer, manufacturer, and installer of our high-performance replacement windows, we’re able to ensure that our lofty quality standards are always being met. This means that you get a superior window at factory-direct prices.

Timely Delivery

Purchasing factory-direct windows from NewSouth Window Solutions also helps ensure faster turnaround times. Because the entire process—from consultation to installation—is handled by our experienced team, we’re able to ensure that your new windows will be manufactured, shipped directly to your door, and installed in a timely fashion. This allows you to start enjoying the many benefits of our high-performance replacement windows as soon as possible.

Stocked Items

Home improvement product turnaround times can be lengthy, with “supply chain issues” often cited as the culprit. However, when you choose NewSouth Window Solutions, we’re the only link in the chain. We keep many of the materials needed to manufacture your windows in stock, so we’re able to shorten the time needed for the manufacturing process for our customers.

Want to Learn More About Our Factory-Direct Windows?

If you’d like to experience the many benefits our factory-direct windows offer, don’t hesitate to contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to schedule a visit to our factory and factory showroom. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Florida and the rest of the South.

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