Beyond the Energy Bill: Other Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

If you have considered replacing your home’s windows with energy-efficient models, you likely understand you will benefit from lower heating and air costs each month. While cheaper utility bills are a large motivator, they should not be the only reason for investing in new windows for your house. As you shop around to find the right windows for your abode, here are five other reasons why you should consider energy-efficient windows: 

1. Comfortable home interior
Single-paned, or older windows struggle to keep out intense heat or cold. If you constantly have to put on additional layers during the chilly winter months, or walk around in tank tops or shorts in your house during the sweltering Florida summer, it may be time to boost the comfort level of your residence with replacement windows.

2. Less condensation 
Have you ever wanted to look outside on an early morning, but struggle see much because your windows are covered in condensation, frost or moisture? High-quality, energy-efficient windows possess warmer interior glass surfaces that reduce the risk for condensation other issues with your windows. 

“Single paned windows struggle to keep out intense heat from your home’s interior.”

3. Improved light 
Who doesn’t love daylight streaming in through your windows, reducing the need to even flip on a light switch? Modern replacement windows allow light to pour into your home without the risk of the sun’s rays heating up your house’s interior. Many energy-efficient models offer Low-E coatings that reduce solar heat with minimal loss of visible light.  

4. Less furniture & carpet fading 
How many times have you set a favorite armchair or laid out a beautiful new rug near your large windows only for the sun to strip away its brilliance? The sad fact is that many organic materials, such as paints, fabrics and wood have the potential to fade upon exposure to direct sunlight.

Harmful ultraviolet rays are most likely to break down chemical bonds found in your furniture’s fabric or other items, which leads to degradation and fading. It is the energy-efficient coatings on high-quality models that can reduce UV transmission by up to 75 percent in certain estimates. This means that installing Low-E replacement windows in your home could allow you to arrange your furniture around your windows once again. 

5. Reduced noise pollution levels
Nothing could be more disruptive while you relax in your house than the sound of a blaring car horn or emergency vehicle siren. If you want some peace and quiet as you watch your favorite show or dive into a good book, you should consider replacing your home’s windows. The double-paned glass windows will not only keep the hot and cold air out, but they will also cut down on interior noise pollution levels.

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