The Truth About Hurricane Impact Windows

The Truth About Hurricane Impact Windows Many Southern homeowners already understand that they need protection for their windows during hurricane season. Some rely on cardboard and duct tape or plywood shutters to protect their windows but it’s a more reliable effort to invest in something a little more permanent. Hurricane impact windows are well-regarded as the best option for Coastal homeowners but they, unfortunately, harbor numerous misconceptions about their benefits. However, the truth about hurricane-impact windows is better than most local homeowners realize.

Impact Windows are Visually Appealing

There’s a strange misconception that impact windows are uglier and bulkier than traditional windows but that simply isn’t the truth. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, many homeowners may not be able to tell them apart from standard windows.

Hurricane Impact Windows are Full of Additional Benefits

While hurricane protection is a priority, it’s not the only benefit you get with hurricane windows. The shatter-resistant glass provides security, keeping out both gale-force winds and intruders. The specialized laminate coatings also reduce unwanted outside noise and provide superior insulation and better energy savings when you invest in Low-E windows.

Hurricane Windows Are Available in Multiple Sizes and Styles

Some people believe that there are few choices to make when you select impact-resistant windows for your home. However, the truth is that impact-resistant windows are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and window styles much like any other type of window. So not only will your new windows be functional, but they will also provide you with the aesthetic appeal that you desire.

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