Energy-Saving Windows Make the Best Choice for Your Home in The Woodlands, TX

Homeowners across the U.S. are investing in energy-saving replacement windows that will help them cut their cooling and heating costs, but that doesn’t mean all energy-efficient windows are the same. The windows that will deliver the best energy savings for homeowners in The Woodlands, Texas, are those that are manufactured with the local climate in mind. And that’s exactly what we offer at NewSouth Window Solutions.

Our replacement windows are made in the South to meet the needs of Southern homeowners, and that includes being crafted with the ideal insulating features to help keep cooling costs down during the seemingly endless heat waves that visit The Woodlands area.

What Energy-Saving Features Go Into Our Windows?

At NewSouth, we manufacture our windows with:

  • Extra-thick uPVC vinyl frames and sashes that are treated with titanium dioxide, so they will resist deterioration in the face of withering UV rays and stand strong to protect the integrity of the window seal
  • Double-pane glass and argon gas fill between the panes for enhanced insulation
  • Low-emissivity (low-E) glass coatings that block heat infiltration
  • Nonmetal spacers between the panes for minimal heat conduction

Many of the energy-saving features that are built into our windows also help prevent damage from local weather conditions. For example, the fusion-welded corners of the frames help block moisture as well as air infiltration. This is a valuable protective feature for homeowners in The Woodlands, where heavy rains and high humidity are commonplace.

If you’re shopping for replacement windows for your home in The Woodlands, you should also consider choosing impact-resistant hurricane windows from NewSouth. Our impact-resistant windows come with all the energy-saving features that will help keep your cooling costs in check, but they’ll also protect your home during high-speed windstorms and burglary attempts.

Visit Our Nearby Window Showroom

We invite you to take a short drive to our window showroom in Houston, where you can view our energy-saving windows in person. Or, if you’d prefer to schedule an in-home consultation in The Woodlands area, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to get started.

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