How to Create a Window Seat You’ll Love

Most people prefer “cozy” corners in their homes. This can take the form of a favorite chair, spot on the couch or old beanbag up in the attic. For those with more limited room and spacious windows, it could be a great idea to take advantage of unused space and create a new nook: a window seat. Here are some tips on how to create a window seat in your home.

Pick a great view

At least one of the windows in your home looks out onto something beautiful. This could be a well-cultivated some soothing trees or the beach itself. It would be advantageous for both yourself and any house guests to pick the window with the best view to create your window seat. This way, you not only have a cozy reading or dreaming space, but an excellent conversation point and seat in which to relax.

Finalize Your Window Seat Building Plans

Low on storage space? Experts at Houzz reveal that it is quite easy to create a bench window seat by anchoring together several low cabinets. After double-checking the weight requirements for the cabinets, they can be installed under a window easily and quickly. Depending on the material, you may also be able to paint said cabinets to match your decor – or to create something wildly different from the rest of the room to draw the eye to the space and your window. Another tip from Houzz: Leave a small space at the end of the seat so guests and family can walk up to the window and peek out at the view.

“Create a bench window seat by anchoring together several low cabinets.”

Consider Unique Window Seating Area Designs

A window seat should be comfortable. This means that you will have to determine the best bench cushion to use, in addition to throw pillows and perhaps a blanket to make the space more inviting, according to Designer Custom Source. The colors you select can either complement your existing decor, which is great for those who enjoy matching elements in a room, or they can be bold and different. Whichever option you select, think carefully about the colors and textures and how they highlight the unique view outside the window, Better Homes and Gardens advised. Think of the seat as an additional frame!

Don’t Forget to Add Window Coverings

Even though there will be a window seat underneath the glass, this doesn’t mean the rest of the window should be neglected. Houzz experts also suggest thinking about the rest of the room when choosing window coverings. For example, a pull-down window shade or blinds may be best in a room where lots of light is desired such as a kitchen or breakfast room. Curtains can add a dramatic and romantic feel to a window seat in a bedroom or living room. And in a kids’ room, you may want a bright and colorful shade that the young ones can easily pull down and retract.

In addition to installing a new seal-side seating area, you might consider replacing your existing windows altogether. NewSouth Window Solutions offers a variety of custom options made from high-quality material. Connect with us today to learn more. 

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