A Guide to Window Security

A Guide to Window SecurityEvery homeowner wants to make their home as secure as possible, and it’s easy to spend a lot of money investing in the best security systems for your front or back door. This often includes high-tech security cameras and alarms but while these systems can be useful, they ignore one main security breach – your windows. There are several things you can do to secure your windows, as well as simple measures you can take with your windows to keep your family safe.

Inspect Your Existing Window Locks or Latches

Everyone likes to think that updated or new items in our home should function correctly and last for a while. However, that’s not always the case so the next time you pass by your windows make sure to check out the locking mechanism and ensure that you’re happy with the sturdiness of the latch or lock. If you’re not convinced the windows will be able to stay latched due to the status of the existing mechanism, it could be wise to consider adding extra locks to the window.

Support the Glass of Your Window with Extra Security Film

The windows at our home are often seen as the most vulnerable aesthetic of your home. Shattering a glass door or window is the easiest way for an intruder to get in and out. Having a security window film applied to your window can help strengthen your existing windows and enhance the safety of your home. A security film is made up of layers of polyester film combined together to create a thick barrier designed to keep your home safe. It’s important to know that even though security films will greatly deter or delay break-ins, no security film will completely protect your windows from all kinds of attacks. Any security system can be broken by using the right tools for the right amount of time.

Window Security Bars are a Tried and True Method to Secure Your Windows

One of the most effective ways to burglar-proof your windows is to install window security bars and grilles. These security bars often have a particularly strong deterrent effect because they can’t be removed without plenty of noisy effort, so a burglar is unlikely to even try. If you’re at all worried about break-ins or crime in your neighborhood, these security bars may be the best investment for your home. However, security bars or grilles aren’t without their issues. For example, some homeowners find them unsightly or are concerned that they may raise fire safety concerns. And, it’s also possible that you may be living in a neighborhood with an HOA that restricts the installation of security bars. That’s why it’s important to shop around for the best security bars that suit your needs.

Install Window Break Sensors

Another aftermarket option for window security is to install window sensors that will alert you almost immediately when someone is trying to enter your home through the window. This simple mechanism is made up of a magnet and switch attached to the inside window frame and pane. When the window is opened unexpectedly, the circuit switches and sends a signal to the alarm control panel. Reliable and easily installed, window break sensors can help alert you of any unwanted activity in or out of your windows.

Additional Window Security Options

While the methods listed above are some of the best choices you can make to secure your windows, there are a handful of additional changes you can make to further protect your home. First of all, planting a thorny bush under your window can physically stop a burglar from ever reaching your windows. This is a simple deterrent that will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while keeping your family more safe. Similarly, if you don’t want to shell out for an expensive window break sensor, you can place an item near the window so if a break-in occurs it will fall over and make a noise that is loud enough to wake you up and potentially scare away the would-be burglar. Finally, adding tinted or reflective qualities to your windows can help minimize the risk of having your home broken into. This is because a burglar may want to scope out your home to see if it’s even worth taking the risk. However, if they can’t see into your window, it makes it harder to canvass your home to see if there’s even anything worth stealing.

Replace Your Old Windows with Durable Impact Windows

If you’re at all concerned that your existing windows simply aren’t cutting it, making the switch to a reinforced window may be the best choice for window security. Selecting a window that is made with reinforced sashes and frames and double-strength laminated glass can add extra protection to your home. Laminated glass is harder to break and provides greater protection against attempted break-ins, accidental injury, and severe weather conditions. Therefore, not only are your new windows going to add more window security but they will also enhance the protection of your home whenever bad weather strikes.

As you can see, there are many options to securing your home when it comes to the windows. Some of these methods are better for deterring burglars from ever attempting a break-in, while others are designed to structurally reinforce your windows for when it’s needed. However, the best option for most homeowners is a combination of both so that you can feel completely safe throughout the year.

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