Are Hurricane Windows Tax Deductible?

Hurricane windows, also known as impact-resistant windows, may qualify for income tax credits if they meet ENERGY STAR® requirements for certification as energy-efficient home upgrades. In recent years, the IRS has allowed homeowners to take a tax credit of up to 10% of the cost of qualifying energy efficiency improvements, including replacement windows. It’s important to remember that the details of receiving tax credits for energy-saving upgrades vary according to individual taxpayers. The qualifications also change from year to year, so you’ll want to do your research or consult with a tax preparation professional to make sure your investment qualifies for the credit.

In addition to the tax credit, your investment in hurricane windows may also qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance. This is because many insurance companies want to encourage homeowners to invest in upgrades that will protect their homes from the severe damage that high-speed winds can inflict. Replacement windows that meet the stringent Florida standards to be marketed as hurricane windows will also deter the threat of break-ins that could lead to costly homeowners insurance claims.

Where to Get High-Quality Hurricane Windows

Of course, the primary benefit of upgrading your home with hurricane windows is the peace of mind you’ll receive, knowing your home is protected from the devastating damage that can occur when ordinary windows are breached during a powerful storm. Unlike many other types of hurricane window protection, impact windows remain in place year-round, so there’s no need to make a last-minute, desperate attempt to cover your windows when a storm suddenly whips up without warning.

NewSouth Window Solutions is proud to offer and install replacement windows that have been tested by independent experts to make sure they meet the tough standards to be labeled as hurricane windows. Not only that, but our windows also meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards, so you can feel confident that they’ll help you save energy and keep your cooling and heating bills in check.

Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to learn more about our high-quality impact windows. We’ll be glad to tell you about the financing options available to those who qualify, as well as the lifetime transferable warranty you’ll receive on both your new windows and their installation.

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