Common Sliding Patio Door Sizes

Are you planning to have new sliding patio doors installed at your home? If so, it helps to understand common sliding patio door sizes. Unlike replacement windows, which are custom-made to the precise dimensions needed for each window opening, patio doors typically come in standard sizes. You’ll want to take careful measurements as you plan your project so that you can be sure you’re choosing the right size sliding patio doors for your home.

Two-Panel Sliding Glass Patio Doors

The most common type of sliding patio doors are two-panel doors. These doors feature two panels, one that remains stationary in place and another one that slides horizontally to open and close. Common sliding patio door sizes for this style include:

  • 60 inches (5 feet) wide by 80 inches tall
  • 72 inches (6 feet) wide by 80 inches tall
  • 96 inches (8 feet) wide by 80 inches tall

These patio doors may also come in extra-tall options like 82 inches or 96 inches, but these are less common. These dimensions are more likely to require a special order or custom manufacturing, which will take additional time in completing your patio door project.

Three-Panel Sliding Glass Patio Doors

In addition to two-panel patio doors, there are also options for three-panel doors. These doors allow for a more panoramic view and a wider opening. Typically, one of the end panels will open, and then the middle panel can continue to open from there for an even wider opening. As you can imagine, the common sliding patio door sizes for three-panel door styles are wider. Common widths include 108 inches (9 feet) and 144 inches (12 feet) for three-panel sliding patio doors, with the same standard door heights as two-panel doors. While four-panel doors and higher are also available and feature even larger widths, these types of sliding patio doors are far less common in general.

Choosing the Right Patio Doors for Your Home

Choosing the right size of patio doors for your home is an important first step in your patio door replacement project. If you’re replacing existing sliding patio doors, you can simply measure the size of the existing opening. Chances are that the dimensions will match one of the common sliding patio door sizes listed above.

For a new construction home, there’s more opportunity to choose a different size of patio door. While this situation allows you to choose completely custom dimensions for your patio doors, it’s generally best to stick with one of the standard dimensions. If the patio doors ever need to be replaced, it will be easier to find a product that fits. Additionally, patio doors come in standard sizes to meet building code and ADA requirements. For instance, the minimum width for patio doors or any other doors in your home is 32 inches to allow for wheelchair access.

Have You Considered Impact-Resistant Patio Doors?

Did you know that you can fortify your home against hurricanes and tropical storms without buying ugly and hard-to-install shutters? While NewSouth Window Solutions is known for offering hurricane-ready windows and entry doors, we offer another option: impact-resistant sliding and hinged patio doors. These doors aren’t just about security—they’re a stylish blend of weather protection, energy efficiency, and design that will elevate your home.

Our uPVC vinyl sliding doors feature a 1-inch insulated glass unit that delivers top-notch energy performance and indoor comfort all year round. And thanks to lamination, they can withstand impacts from airborne debris without allowing wind to enter your home. This crucial benefit helps ensure that your roof—and therefore your home—remains intact during a storm.

We offer non-impact and impact options, and you can select from multi-panel configurations that match your home’s personality. Security is a priority, which is why we’ve got you covered with a dual-point lock and stainless-steel handles—perfect for coastal living.

Some additional benefits of our impact-resistant patio doors include:

  • Easy Care – Our vinyl doors are virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean.
  • Improved thermal performance – Lower your heating and cooling bills with Low-E glass packages and built-in insulation that help keep your space cozy.
  • Reliable durability – Engineered for coastal areas, our doors resist moisture damage and stand up to hurricane-force winds.

And since they’re backed by a lifetime transferable warranty covering products and installation, you’re investing in peace of mind and lasting protection.

Learn More About Our Patio Doors

At NewSouth Window Solutions, we proudly offer a wide range of sliding patio doors in all of the most common sizes. Whether you’re looking for 2-panel, 3-panel, or high-panel options for your home, you can find the products you’re looking for with NewSouth Window Solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our common sliding patio door sizes. We’ll be happy to visit your home to provide a no-obligation consultation and answer all your questions. Or you can visit one of our showrooms located throughout the South.

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