Why Is Low-E Glass Important for Your Home?

Low-E windows have been around since the 1970s, but many people might not be familiar with this technology. Having this coating on your windows can keep your home cool and save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. This is especially important for homes in southern states such as Florida, where residents must deal with such an unforgiving sun.

What are some of the benefits of having Low-E windows installed in your house? Here are just a couple:

  • Improved energy efficiency. Low-E glass can reduce the heat gain throughout the year, something that is crucial for Floridians. This type of window will keep your home cool and give your air conditioner a break.
  • Less UV ray damage. By blocking out the heat from the sun’s UV rays, Low-E glass will help to keep the fabrics of your furniture, any rugs, and artwork from fading in the harsh sunlight. UV rays are the single largest contributing factor when it comes to the fading of carpets and other household fabrics. Nearly 50% of the aging of these materials is due to the sun.

If you are in the market for replacement windows for your household, be sure to ask your installer about models with Low-E glass. Summer mode Low-E windows will allow light to stream into the house while reflecting heat from the outdoors. This will increase interior comfort and reduce overall cooling costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Low-E Windows

To help you better understand how your home can benefit from Low-E windows, we’ve collected a list of frequently asked questions:

Which Type of Window Is Most Energy-Efficient?

Double-pane windows are among the most energy-efficient types. They consist of two layers of glass with insulating gas fills between them and a Low-E coating, providing superior thermal performance and reduced heat transfer compared to single-pane windows.

Are Energy-Efficient Windows Worth It?

Yes, energy-efficient windows are worth the investment. They can significantly reduce energy consumption, lower heating and cooling costs, and enhance indoor comfort by minimizing drafts and temperature fluctuations.

Do Energy-Efficient Windows Save Money?

Absolutely, energy-efficient windows can save money over time. By reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling, they lower utility bills. The initial cost of these windows is often offset by long-term energy savings, making them a financially smart choice.

What Are ENERGY STAR Windows?

ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program that sets higher energy efficiency standards for various products, including windows. Energy-efficient windows can meet or exceed ENERGY STAR criteria, indicating they provide excellent energy savings benefits.

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