Save Energy, Get Money Back: Rebate Programs for Energy Efficient Windows

It’s wonderful to save money on anything that you use.  It’s even better to save money, month after month AND reclaim some of the money you have already spent.  When the sizable window tax credits disappeared after 2010, the void has been offset by our local energy companies stepping up and offering rebates on a menu of energy savings products including replacement windows.  See the links below for rebate information from TECO and Progress Energy.

Florida Window Replacement Rebate

For us, here in south western and central Florida, the energy companies bear the name of Progress Energy and TECO.  Many folks may not know, but despite the high energy bills we receive, (we call them monthly “Thank You” cards for the high energy prices we pay) our local energy companies want to partner with us to save energy.  Our energy companies are working to keep up with an ever increasing demand for energy, especially during peak usage times, and any energy savings relieves helps tremendously.

This is especially true during the hot summer months in Florida and lowering the cooling demand is the goal of most utilities companies.  If the peak cooling loads are minimized, additional generating capacity is not required.  This benefits everyone, keeping rates down.

Replacing old windows with energy efficient ones is an enormous step to this end, which is why the rebates are put into place. Click below for more information on rebates available for window replacements from your window company.


TECO Window Rebates

Progress Energy Window Rebates









Buy More, Save More

Volume discounts on 4+ windows

Savings up to 30%

Start Saving

Doors included as part of window count.

We are repeat customers, New South Windows installed 15 windows and 2 sliders in 2015 and we called them back to do our retirement home.
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